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Mother Earth Labs have know how beneficial Humic and Fulvic are for humans, but they have also been shown to enhance pet immune systems and improve skin and coat through increased nutrient absorption. Offer your pet the benefits of Pet Wellness Formula for their health too!



Naturally contains 10 organic liquid vitamins, over 74 organic ionic minerals, 18 amino acids. One of Nature's most potent super antioxidants and polyelectrolytes.

We know how beneficial Humic and Fulvic are for humans, but they have been shown to enhance pet immune systems and improve skin and coat through increased nutrient absorption and detoxification from heavy metals, toxins, and pesticides commonly found in pet food and all around. Our pets are exposed to many of the same environmental and food toxins that we are everyday! If you care about your pet, offer them these benefits with Pet Wellness Formula:

Enhanced Immune System

Increased Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

Improved Coat and Skin

Detoxification of Heavy Metals, Pesticides, and Environmental Toxins

There are many producers of organic pet foods and supplements that are recognizing the benefit of Humic and Fulvic Acid. However, the dosage used is typically not enough to make a difference.


Antibacterial and Virucidal Effects: Humic Acids have the ability to influence in particular the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates of microbes by catalytic means. This leads to a direct devastating effect against bacteria cells or virus particles. A second mechanism is related to the interionic bonds of high molecular protein fractions (toxins) of infectious microbes. Their toxic impact on physiological processes of mucous membrane cells can be weakened considerably or even blocked completely.

Antiphlogical Effects: Dermal, oral, or subcutaneous application of Humic Acids leads to inhibitory effects on inflammation. The ability to inhibit inflammation is believed to be related to the flavonoid groups contained in Humic Acids and their ORP Redox activities.

Antiresorptive and Adsorptive Effects: As high molecular humic acids remain in the gastrointestinal tract almost entirely following the enteral application (there is no self-resorption), antiresorptive and adsorptive effects take place where they are needed: in the digestive tract. Primarily, cationoidnoxes (protein toxins, toxic substances) are fixed, their resorption is reduced considerably or even prevented completely, and their elimination through feces is promoted.

Because adsorption by humic acids includes not only physical and chemical reactions, but also complex formation and ion exchange, it is more intensive and dynamic compared to pure physical adsorbents.

Effects on the Immune System: Humic Acids stimulate the resistance forces of the body and lead to an increase in the phagocytosis activity of immune cells. The inducer effect of phenolic components (groups) of humic acids is believed to be responsible for the immunological effects and is the basis for the success of the treatment of the so-called factor diseases in young animals.

Ergotropic Effects: Humic Acids stabilize the intestinal flora and thus ensure an improved utilization of nutrients in animal feed (improved feed efficiency). This leads to an increase in live weight of the animal without increasing the amount of feed given to the animal.


HUMIC AND FULVIC make it possible for plants, humans, and animals to receive all the nutrition, especially minerals and vitamins, needed to be healthy and thrive.

In Nature, organic material is broken down into its component parts by fungus and bacteria. For example, when dead leaves fall from trees or animals die in the forest, they are transformed from their cells into the component parts.

This collection of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other organic material is called Humic Acid. A small component of Humic Acid is called Fulvic Acid. Fulvic Acid is necessary to open the cell membranes of the plant so the nutrients Humic and Fulvic naturally carry can enter the cell where they are needed to support cellular and metabolic processes that keep them alive and healthy.

When we then eat plants, because they contain Humic and Fulvic and all the nutrients they naturally carry, we receive all the Humic and Fulvic, and the host of nutrients they carry, delivered directly to our cells, in just the right organic forms and proportions Nature intended. And, just like how Fulvic functions in plants, it opens our cell membranes and allows nutrients to enter and wastes from normal cellular functions to exit easily.

When your pet's cells function better, your pet functions better, it's a difference it feels!

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