Product Weight : 454.00 g


Product Price : £35.00


Product Description:
'my horse is going well and is healthy' - this blend of herbs is suggested to be fed on a daily basis, in order to assist with continued all round health maintenance. Provides balanced mineral/vitamins. Gently supports and helps to give the healthy horse the nutritional requirements that may be required for continued good health from within. A great foundation for nursing mares and their foals, by helping to provide natures 'healthy building blocks' . Also good for young stock


Product Details:

£35 per 454grms/1Lb  - lasts the average 16hh horse 60 days (ponies longer)

Ingredients - catnip, boneset, dandelion, flax seed, golden seal, hawthorne,kelp, licorice, marshmallow, oregon grape, psyllium, slippery elm, uva ursi, yarrow.

Day to Day Maintenance 454g


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