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Top Quality Steel dowsing rods hand made in the UK by leading Geopathic Prop Doctor Martin Wood.


Dowsing rods can be used to locate anything that you mind can conceive!


These rods come in pairs and in a choice of sizes:


Small - 11cms handle x 16cms length dowsing rod - £22.00

Medium - 11cms handle x 30.5cms length dowsing rod - £27.00


These rods are the most popular lengths used by professional and leisure dowsers however if you require long or custom length rods, contact us.


Also supplied with a useful dowsing guide!


They come with a 1 year guarantee


We run events at Yewcroft where we use dowsing rods and introduce you to dowsing with help from the incredible energies around the property and not forgetting Yewcroft Stone Circle Monument!


To learn about our events, click here.



These dowsing rods are normally for sale at our events where we dowse. Sometimes they are listed here for sale. If they are out of stock and you wish to purchase a set, please contact us.

Energy Detection Dowsing Rods

£22.00 Regular Price
£17.60Sale Price
    • do store your rods indoors
    • always rub down your rods with a lightly oiled cloth after use in the field. A drop of oil would be advised to the handle ends periodically
    • do not let children under aged 16 use these rods unsupervised; they are not toys
    • basic instructuons of use accompany these rods
    • do have many years of use and enjoyment from these rods!
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