This is our comprehensive consultancy service where we facilitate the return or maintenance of health and performance in the equine hoof. Suitable for ANY shod or barefoot horses and very popular with conscientious horse owners, barefoot enthusiasts, transitioning horses to barefoot and where lameness or loss of performance is an issue. 


To book an initial consult, please follow the link where you can submit your information and photos/vet reports/radiographs for review:

Price: £66 inc. holistic assessment and if appropriate, photos, videos, mark-up and assessment of the whole horse AND environment and trim (with after photos/videos) and recommendations. A report is provided after the appointment.  Cost is plus travel at upto £10/hour return from CA22 2PJ.


Repeat clients requiring ongoing equine podiatry cinsultation and trimming can access our Repeat Holistic Equine Podiatry Consultation and Trimming service for £55 plus travel: 


For a detailed report reviewing your horses whole environment with a focus on hoof and body health and balance and without trimming, please visit our Holistic Horse Wellness Consultancy Service. This does not include a trimming service.


Please visit our sister site Holistic Equine for more podiatry and hoof related information. (PLEASE NOTE THIS WEBSITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW AND DOES NOT REFLECT OUR CURRENT KNOWLEDGE OF FOOT FUNCTION)


To benefit from Membership discounts of upto 20% off our solutions, visit

Duration: Typically 1.5 hours - 3 hours

Initial Holistic Equine Podiatry | Barefoot Trimming Consultation


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