Compassionate support for conscientious horse lovers NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE (or by phone)!


Book a telephone or online video consult with Beccy BSc ADAEP (MIAEP), Independent Holistic Equine Podiatrist and learn how to best support your horses well-being and resilience!


Provide photos, videos and history of your horse for a assessment and review of your horses hoof health with Beccy who has over 26 years professional industry experience and 11 years as a hoof care professional. 


This hoof assessment will help you:


  • Learn how your horses outer hoof relates to its' inner foot and whether it is healthy
  • Find out how your horses hoof health relates to the whole horse and his overall well-being and soundness
  • Discover why your horse's hoof is the shape it is and the impact this will have on the short and long term health and resilience of your horse
  • Learn how to support your horse to grow a healthier hoof by facilitated positive change to the internal foot


Complete the online form here, purchase your consult and Beccy will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable appointment within 2 weeks of your purchase:


For further inspiration on how to take quality photos, view our online dicumenting video here:

After your 1 hour online or telephone consultation, you will receive a written report with recommendations so you can support your horse in the best  possible way and for a happy, healthy and sound life!

Remote Holistic Equine Podiatry Consultation


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