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Perfect for individuals seeking well-being and resilience!


If you would like to benefit from our Membership Payment Plan and pay only £4 a month for 12 months - please visit Plans and Pricing


To learn about our Membership Plans visit Memberships.


This Payment is valid for 12 months and provides these benefits:


  • 10% off all our Solutions including coaching
  • 20% off all our Events including courses
  • 20% off all our experiences at our HQ
  • Monthly e-newsletter with top well-being tips
  • Your Membership helps us help people and animals in need


Upon purchase of either the full price or our Membership Plan option, you will be contacted by email and provided with a unique voucher code to use against online bookings. If you pay by invoice, your discount will be automatically added to your bill.

Solo Membership - 12 months upfront price

  • We hope you love and enjoy your Membership. But if you change you mind within 48 hours and have not benefitted from Membership discounts off our Solutions, we will refund your membership. Otherwise this product is non-refundabe.

  • This membership option provides 12 months of Membership and benefits.

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