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READY TO USE – A natural cleaner based on microbiology using effective micro-organisms. We choose all natural ingredients, derived from natural sources (non genetically modified), and enhance the cleaning power by including a fermentation process which ensures a 100% purity. Experience shows that using Wipe & Clean brings positive harmony in the environment. Contains no added herbal fragrance.



Wipe & Clean is a 100% natural cleaner of Effective Micro-organisms. In and around our house, office and yard live billions of bacteria. For a pleasant environment and healthy home, ofcie and yard it is important that the good bacteria are in the majority.


This is possible with Wipe & Clean! Effective Micro-organisms provide that balanced balance in our environment. They are good bacteria, indispensable for a healthy living environment.


Wipe & Clean can be used daily to clean. From toilet to the nursery, the kitchen to windows, the tack room to the tack, the office to the reception! Wipe & Clean is also ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars and other metal constructions. There is no task where the Micro-organisms from EM cannot prove their usefulness!


Use Wipe and Clean here:

In your laundry

Septic Tanks

Drains and Showers

Toilets and Sinks

In all rooms (kitchen, lanudry, bedroom, bathroom, WC, office, living rooms, tack rooms, fed rooms)

In and on cars, motorbikes and bikes

On toys and tools

In the horse box and trailer

On tack and leather

On horse rugs and implements

On floors, walls, work tops and ceilings

Wipe & Clean is available in the fragrances: Classic, sparkling Sacred Basil and refreshing Mint


It is available in 1litre spray bottles and you can refil this with an option of either a 2 litre bag-in-box and 20 litre bag-in-box!

Wipe and Clean Natural Microbial Eco friendly Cleaner

  • Click here to download the booklet Effective Micro-organisms for healthy soil, plants, animals and environment

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