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Product Weight : 113g


Product Price : £25.00


Product Description:
A blend of herbs to assist and optimise your dog's natural healthy defenses and help to maintain the healthy balance of 'friendly'/unfriendly bacteria in cases where there may be signs of infection.


Product Details:

Feeding guide  - Dogs upto 10kgs   -  1/4 scoop (1/8tsp). 11kgs-20kgs - 1/2 scoop (1/4tsp) 21kgs-30kgs - 3/4 scoop (3/8tsp) Over 30kgs - 1 scoop (1/2tsp)


Feeding guide - daily for 10days then remove for 3 days and re-assess your requirements, re-introduce for another 3 days - assess again.  Should you wish to this may be fed daily - depending upon your requirements.


Ingredients - Barberry, Echinacea, Garlic, Golden Seal, Marshamllow, Myrrh, Olive Leaf, Oregano Grape, Yarrow


Contents - apprx 115 scoops.  113grms appx.

X-infex 113g

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