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StreamZ 360º Magnetic Resonance bands for people, horses and dogs

StreamZ Global have innovated a new technology allowing for natural pain relief and recovery. At Holistic Reflections we have invested in these for all the whole team, the Yewcroft herd and the dogs wear them too - we were that impressed by their efficacy!

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YOU StreamZ
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EQU StreamZ bands
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The Technology Behind StreamZ

What is StreamZ and how is it different?

To indicate StreamZ revolutionary magnetic technology it must be first explained how ‘traditional magnetic therapy’ is used. Magnets have long been recognised as having health benefits on people and animals, without significant clinical support.

A multitude of magnetic health-related products are available, frequently presented within devices such as bracelets, rings or braces and supports. Most of these products, if not all, target specific areas of the body by using magnets with a single magnetic field. These products create a pulsating effect from the face of the magnet, the “stronger” the magnet the further this pulse travels from the face of the magnet. (often referred to as their gauss level).

This invasive pulsating action increases the local temperature improving blood flow and releasing tension. You can see the effects of traditional magnetic products using thermal imaging technology. Many health issues however are not caused by muscle damage and do not require an increase in heat, which might perhaps explain the mixed reputation these more traditional magnetic products have within the market.

Key disadvantages in using traditional techniques include the inability to use traditional magnets for long periods of time, the impact an increase in heat can have on certain symptoms, and complications around managing the use of them.

StreamZ magnetic resonance technology, although containing a magnetic field, creates no pulse. Instead, a series of magnetic energy fields create a spin! This non invasive spinning action creates no thermal increase to the subject. The technology can be used for long periods of time and to treat conditions where increasing heat should be avoided.

The natural rebalancing effect of StreamZ bioresoance therapy works on a cellular level. This supports benefits to the entire system and not just local areas. 


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