Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To build a world where compassion, oneness and wellness is commonplace and harmony exists between people, animals and the land.

Our mission 

It is the mission of Holistic Reflections to improve well being and build resilience by working holistically with people, animals and the land!

This is done by providing a healing environment for animals and people where they deliver services, products and events which have or promote therapeutic and wider environmental benefits. We also demonstrate and educate on ways in which people can support their own wellness and in animals in their care too. This is done by providing opportunities in a healing setting which allow for new understanding about themselves. This realization allows for a new way of being to unfold. From this new perspective comes well-being and lasting resilience to dis-ease and compassion.

Our Values

Be Compassionate - without compromise as all living things deserve it.

Have Integrity - in all we do and in the best interest of people, animals and the environment

Collaborate - and co-operate with others and value people to achieve oneness together

Be Committed - in promoting oneness and take disciplined risks in achieving this

Be inspiring - and encourage individuals to find their own path to wellness and oneness

Make a difference - to the people, animals, environment and communities we serve

Our principles


we feel we are all connected - to each other, to the animals and living things around us and therefore to the planet and wider universe.

we want to connect with others personally and professionally who can help us achieve our mission

we wish to awaken an awareness in others that helps them experience this connection


we feel a balanced life is a happier life and one which promotes longevity and wellness

we believe balanced is achieved by experiencing the connection to others and the universe

we trust our services help to achieve balance physically, spiritually and emotionally


we have faith in the constant evolution of mankind within the universe and this evolution facilitates longevity, health and happiness

we seek to evolve our own education. health and spirituality to inspire all we connect with

we have confidence in our ability to facilitate our clients’ evolution in their desire for a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life, every day and without prejudice

Like the butterfly effect, compassion spreads and the entire community can benefit from one person deciding to change their perspective! That's the beauty of humans - we have the ability to change our perspective and become better versions of ourselves and for the benefit of all mankind.

The organisations objects:

The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the wider community and in particular (without limitation) to provide services, events and products which promote well-being, performance and lasting resilience in people and horses in Cumbria and the surrounding area. We also promote environmentally sensitive equine management systems which benefit the wider community and advance the quality of life of domestic horses. In addition, we preserve and maintain a registered monument for the benefit of all.

Our activities:

1. to create and run a healing centre in a rural setting where services and events are held which promote well-being, performance and lasting resilience in people

2. to promote well-being, performance and lasting resilience in horses

3. to sell products which predominantly support well-being and resilience

4. we preserve and maintain an ancient monument registered with Cumbria Sites and Monuments Record (SMR No. 40367).

To learn more about our non-profit objects and activities, visit CIC Objects and activities

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Holistic Reflections Facts

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What you need to know about us!

  • We are CEO Beccy (founder) and Assistant Manager Val, Daughter and mother team. We are also a herd of horses; Sun, Turtle, Flo, Nelly and Daffy and we help create the Equicentral System and EFL sessions. Visit MEET THE TEAM for more info.

  • We provide Healing for Horses/EFL therapeutic sessions and other therapy services for people, pets and horses and we work in and around Cumbria, The Scottish Borders and The North of England.

  • We offer Healing With Horses/EFL and other therapies from Holistic Reflections HQ near Egremont, Cumbria  and can also offer distant consultations by email/phone and/or skype. We also encourage 'health at home' and can travel to clients premises or yard.

  • We are a 100% non-profit company regulated by the CIC regulators and rely on direct donations and fundraising activities as well as the delivery of services, events and sale of products

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"I can honestly say that since meeting you I have felt an inner calm towards my horses and I look forward to your monthly visits knowing that as well as your equine podiatry skills I will be receiving advice from someone I respect and trust.
Beccy you are brilliant. Thank you from every one."

Gill Furman - Horse Owner


Tel: 07766772245

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