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We help you feel balance | find connection | experience evolution

We transform lives with natural solutions for well-being, performance and resilience

We exist to create a more consciously connected world by helping you become your best version while doing good for the planet too!

We are a 100% non-profit organisation working from our hearts...

For You | Your Community | Your Organisation....



  • We are CEO Beccy (founder) and Assistant Manager Val, Daughter and mother team, assisted by our Directors who share our visions and passion. 'We' are also a herd of horses; Sun, Turtle, Flo, Nelly and Daffy who help deliver unique Solutions - Healing With Horses and EFL. Visit MEET THE TEAM for more info.

  • We came about as we recognised our education system or career training doesn't prepare us for the world today. We fill the gap with authentic  Solutions providing unique choices to help you self-regulate and grow. THIS is the key to lasting wellness and resilience

  • We provide Solutions to promote well-being and boost resilience which include Wellness and Resilience Coaching | Holistic Therapies | Healing with Horses/EFL | Events | Experiences | Courses | Products

  • We work with individuals, couples, families, groups, and organisations of all sizes and backgrounds. We work with all sectors and industries - basically if you have a heart - we can help you!

  • We deliver environmental aims too and promote compassionate equestrianism thus supporting the health and well-being of everyone and doing good for the plant too.

  • We offer Most Solutions from our HQ in Cumbria including Coaching, Healing With Horses/EFL, holistic therapies, experiences, events and workshops. We and can also offer distant consultations by email/phone and/or skype. We also encourage 'health at home and work' and can travel to clients premises, workplaces or in the community.

  • We are a 100% non-profit company regulated by the CIC regulators and rely on trading activities,memberships, direct donations and fundraising activities. If you or your organisations would like support us and become a Member and receive upto 20% off our Solutions, follow the link below...


To find us search for Holistic Reflections CIC on Google Maps.
Otherwise, email or call us!

Yewcroft, Wilton, Egremont, Cumbria, United Kingdom, CA222PJ

Tel: 07766772245

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