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The Science of Grounding

Excerpt from Down to Earth Documentary

Grounding, or Earthing is simply the act of connecting electrically with our Earth.

There are numerous health benefits to this; experienced by premature babies to the elderly, from top athletes to the chronically sick.


Furthermore, health benefits have been demonstrated by a growing body of scientific research as well as the testimonials of users and medical professionals who have documented incredible results using very simple and inexpensive methods.

Over the last couple hundred years, we have become less physically connected to the Earth - caused mainly by the use of insulating materials used in clothing and in our environment coupled with changes in lifestyle and habits where we simply don't touch the Earth with our bare skin.

This is made far worse by our increasing exposure to a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation - from wifi, bluetooth, mobiles phones, phone masts, radio and TV and all our electrical devices in our homes, workplace and schools for example.

The Earth is a reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. If we have regular contact with the Earth, we naturally balance the positive charge created by normal body processes. The effects can be seen clearly in the way our blood clumps together in this state.


Some scientists say Grounding and Earthing is the latest breakthrough in helping reduce so-called chronic lifestyle inflammatory conditions such as Alzheimers, Arthritis, Asthma and Heart Disease to name only a few.


We are electrical beings and we are connected to the Earth, each other and beyond in ways we are only just beginning to appreciate. We suggest that Grounding or Earthing can help us tap into the innate intelligence of our own hearts and into the field of intelligence which is our birthright to access.

To ground, you need to connect to the Earth. You can do this by walking outside and placing your bare hands, feet or any part of your body in contact with the earth, grass, sand or in mineral rich lake water or the sea. Alternatively you can use grounding devices when indoors. We use and have available for sale Groundology products which utilise our electrical circuit to ground us when we sleep, rest, play, work or workout!

Most people feel the effects immediately from being grounded and reports include better sleep, lighter moods, less stress. Some say their pain disappears. Since Groundology products are not CE marked as medical devices currently, we are not permitted to make medical claims in relation to the effects of grounding.


Below there are videos and links to scientific papers where you can learn more about grounding and earthing.

Earthing (Grounding) works very well alongside HeartMath methods and technology!