We can help you

Whether you are a mother, a grandfather, a social worker or a soldier we help anyone become more resilient and thrive in the face of change!

Our Solo Membership provides you with the opportunity to benefit from discounted services, events and experiences designed to boost your personal wellness and resilience. The benefits range from improved performance and health to increased creativity and deliberate manifestation!


Our Solutions Work

We use scientifically validated methods such as HeartMath software and techniques to solve solutions in the home, workplace or community

It needn't cost the earth to improve well-being and resilience and we aim to give high quality solutions at fair prices. We also aim to give you the tools to continue to develop your self-regulatory capacity  and emotional intelligence.

The benefits of HeartMath include reduced anxiety and stress and improved performance and relationships. 

If you have a heart - we can help you find balance, feel connected and experience evolution. Plus you don't need to feel 'unwell' to benefit from our solutions!


Evidence of Clinical Stress Reduction

In 10,249 participants who completed the Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment Questionnaire


Contact us today to discuss your needs and goals!


Christiana from South Yorkshire

We can't thank Beccy enough for her endless patience and unbeatable enthusiasm

Tel: 07766772245

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