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Wellness & Resilience Coaching

For You | Your Community | Your Organisation

Boost health, performance, athleticism

Build self-regulation capacity

Aids personal development & relationships

Uses HeartMath proven science

Choice of Premium or Basic Packages

Individual, couple or group coaching

10% off with Solo or Corporate Membership 

Holistic Therapies & Wellness Consults

Holistic Wellness Consultations 

Reiki Healing & Attunements

Reflexology & Aromatherapy Massage

Earthing (Grounding) Products

Russian Healing Blanket

SCENAR-cosmodic therapy

Experienced ex-nurse therapist

At HQ | home | workplace | community

10% off with Solo or Corporate Membership 

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Events, Experiences & Courses

Educational & transformative Events

Enlightening and inspiring Experiences

Courses for personal development 

At HQ | around the country | in the community

Online and in person

20% discount for Solo & Corporate Members


Solo or Corporate Membership

Monthly Payment Plans available 

10 % off Coaching & Holistic Therapies

10% off Solutions for Horses (not products)

10% off Healing With Horses & EFL

20% off Events, Experiences and Courses


Healing With Horses & EFL

For You | Your Community | Your Organisation

Boost health, performance, relationships

Aids self-regulation capacity & personal development

Uses HeartMath proven science

Tailor-made packages available

Individual, couple or group coaching

10% off with Solo or Corporate Membership 

Solutions for Horses

Earthing (Grounding) Products

Applied Equine Podiatry/Wellness Consults

Holistic Barefoot Trimming

StreamZ Magnet bands

Humic & Fulvic supplement

Silver Lining Herbs

Available in the North of England | Scotland

Online Consults Available Internationally

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Solutions for Pets

Reiki Energy for all animals

Humic and Fulvic supplement

Puregreen 24 healthy disinfectant

StreamZ magnetic bands

Silver Lining Herbs

Mobile & distant Reiki available

HeartMath Science & Solutions

Licensed HeartMath Coach

Adopted in our Coaching Solutions

Proven for health and resilience

Used by the NHS and Private Sector

HeartMath solutions available for clients

Included in Premium Coaching Package

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Health Products & Supplements

Earthing (Grounding) Products

StreamZ magnet bands for people & animals

PureGreen 24 eco friendly disinfectant

Mother Earth Health supplements

Dowsing rods & guide

Pendulum dowsing kit

Tried & Tested by Holistic Reflections team (2 and 4 legged)

Gifts & Vouchers

Hand made faerie jewellery range

Gift Vouchers

Available online

Can be used for any solution purchase

Give the gift of healing!


"I can honestly say that since meeting you I have felt an inner calm towards my horses and I look forward to your monthly visits knowing that as well as your equine podiatry skills I will be receiving advice from someone I respect and trust.
Beccy you are brilliant. Thank you from every one."

Gill Furman - Horse Owner


Tel: 07766772245

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