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Beccy and Val - the founder

Beccy and Val have always wanted to help people and animals and the environment. Val choose a nursing career and Beccy; an equine career. It wasn’t until they came together professionally to open an equine rehabilitation centre in East Yorkshire in 2004 (Equilux Livery Ltd) that they came to the realisation that a strictly conventional approach to helping horses and people didn't always provide what what was desired.

At this time, Val was already an established complementary and holistic therapist and had left her own part-time practice in Whitehaven to join Beccy in Yorkshire. When the family and their horses started to get sick because of the toxic environment they were living in, they took a holistic approach to horse care and both retrained as wellness coaches with the intention of helping both horses and people.

So what happened?

After selling the business in 2006 and driven by her own mystery illness and that of their herd,  Beccy started her journey of discovery which led her to become one of the leading holistic equine consultants in the country. Between 2006 and 2014, Beccy became a qualified Equine Body Worker, an Applied Equine Podiatrist and took many courses to deepen her knowledge and understanding of horses and the challenges owners faced in returning health in their horses. In 2009, Holistic Equine was born and Beccy’s reputation soon grew as large as her practice.


Working together to support horses and people

During this time, Beccy and Val also realised their herd were grass intolerant. The idea of horses being unable to graze seemed laughable by the wider equine community and most vets thought their theories were ridiculous. Beccy forged professional relationships with vets, trainers, therapists, saddle fitters, and nutritionists; including forward thinking holistic vet Roger Meacock, Think Like a Pony founder Lyn Henry and Dr Debbie Carley of Thunderbrook Equestrian. By connecting with other like minded individuals, Beccy soon learned the key to returning health to horses was to provide an appropriate environment and support the horses own innate ability to heal.


Constant evolution and a new start

In 2014, Beccy and Val along with the whole 2 and 4-legged family decided to return to their roots in West Cumbria where agricultural crop spraying was rare. The horses were once more able to graze and live a more natural life. In 2015 Beccy joined her husband Mark in their orthotics manufacturing business and for a while the equine business took a back seat. Beccy and Val continued to develop their healing skills however and focused on their own spiritual growth and development. In 2018 they decided it was time to evolve the business and Holistic Reflections was born! Beccy and Val continue to focus on deepening their understanding on facilitating healing and evolution in people and animals.


They believe founding a non-profit organisation will help support the local and therefore global community (animals/people/the Earth) and provide a legacy for future generations and help create a more compassionate world now and in times to come. In the summer of 2019, Holistic Reflections CIC was born; a non-profit organisation with big dreams!

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