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Holistic Wellness or Podiatry Consultations when you purchase the Equicentral Membership!

We want to help you, your horse and the environment be as healthy and happy as possible! So to help kick start you on your wellness path, if you purchase Equicentral Membership, you will receive 15% off our flagship services; Wellness and Holistic Equine Podiatry consultations. Simply email us to confirm you have purchased the Resource and use the code we then provide you to claim 15% off either consult at checkout.

This membership brings together all of the Equiculture resources (including The Equicentral System and The Horse Rider's Mechanic) and includes many other equine related subjects, such as behaviour, horse care, safety and much more. You get the books (as PDFs - with the option of or paperbacks, stacks of other materials including videos and you are GUIDED through it all via a private group (one on Facebook and one here on this website - you choose). 
Incredible value - a very small monthly (or annual) fee for a huge amount of very qualified education. You won't find anything else like it on the internet! 
Follow the link to get 15% discount of the Resource!

Equine Wellness Consultations help you understand the needs of your horse and help create an environment where he or she will thrive! Consult includes a site visit and thorough evaluation of your horse and their environment including the relationship you have with your horse. You will receive a full report with useful and practical recommendations to help you, your horse and the environment too!

Alternatively, book a holistic AEP (Applied Equine Podiatry) consult where we focus on hoof health and include barefoot trimming service (where appropriate), spectrum of usability evaluation and recommendations.

Purchase The Equiculture Membership today to receive 15% off wellness or AEP consult fees (excluding travel)!

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Equine Holistic Wellness Consultations
Holistic Applied Equine Podiatry Consultations
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