Mother Earth Labs Inc. Health Supplements

We only supply and recommend the very best health products which nourish the body at a deep, cellular level. We believe this organisation has developed a superior range of health products which can help meet the nutritional needs of everyone - everyday!

The Gift from Mother Earth (Humic and Fulvic Blend)

Mother Earth Lab Inc. flagship product that is now the base of their other formulas. Super Concentrated Fulvic and Humic Acid improving nutrient bioavailability and cellular energetic dynamics.

Comprehensive Nutrition Formula

Definitely not your ordinary multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement. Whole Food Nutrition – the way Nature intended – sourced from over 310 of the Earth’s finest Natural ingredients. Included in  OsteoWellness Formulas! Great for young and old alike!

OsteoWellness Nutrition Formula

OsteoWellness includes special ingredients shown to help maintain and even rebuild bone density in studies. Healthier, denser bones help prevent the fractures caused by osteoporosis. OsteoWellness delivers Full-Spectrum Nutrition with its base of Comprehensive Wellness and The Gift.

Pet Wellness

We know how beneficial Humic and Fulvic are for humans, but they have also been shown to enhance pet immune systems and improve skin and coat through increased nutrient absorption. Offer your pet the benefits of Pet Wellness Formula for their health too!


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