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In stock 21st June and available for pre-order now!


The Earthing Elite™ range are innovative new grounding products which are designed to fit under a regular bed sheet.

Because of the large area of body contact, these mattress covers provide an excellent grounding connection even through the covering sheet.

In tests, Groundology found that after 30 minutes* in bed, the body voltage level was reduced to a similar level as when having direct skin contact with a conventional Earthing sheet.

* It takes a short time for the full conductivity to develop, once low levels of moisture from perspiration are present in the covering sheet.

The big advantage of a mattress cover over an Earthing sheet is the longevity. Because they are carbon based, rather than silver, they do not oxidise over time, and because the surface is protected under a covering sheet, wear from abrasion is minimal. It also allows the possibility of a colour coordinated bed sheet, something which isn't possible with an Earthing sheet.

Note however that if you tend to wear bed clothes and would have minimal bare skin contact, then an Earthing sheet may be more effective.

Comes complete with a 4.6m (15ft) connection cord, and your choice of Earth connection. Please state at the time of placing your order if you require  a NON-UK connection/plug.

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover

  • Fitting
    The smooth / leatherette side is placed upwards.

    Simply slide the straps around each corner of your mattress and you’re done! No wrestling to get straps around the entire mattress. Place your regular sheet over the top.

    Please refer to the image in the product details for sizing

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