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Earthing/Grounding Acessories


Due to the growing popularity of these products, there are now imitations and counterfeits appearing on the market.  Everything here is a genuine Earthing™ or Groundology™ product.  Please be aware that official distributors are not permitted to sell on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and so products sold there are not likely to be genuine.


This tester verifies that a UK type mains outlet socket is wired properly and grounded.  This is not normally a problem in the UK, but if you have an older property or are in doubt about your wiring then this tester can be used to confirm you will be grounded.

It should be stressed that even if your outlet socket were wired improperly, there is no danger of electrocution when using Groundology equipment, because our products have built in safety protection.  However, if your outlet socket is not wired properly then you would not get the benefits of grounding.


If you are purchasing for use outside the UK – please contact us for details and availability.


Earthing/Grounding Socket Tester (UK)

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