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This is a review service for our customised Holistic Wellness Programme. You will need to purchase a Holistic Wellness Consultation service prior to a review.


Please allow around 1 hour for this review, which we recommend weekly, twice monthly or monthly, for as many times as you require for upto 12 months from your intial consult.


In addition, reviews can be purchased alongside therapies such as Reiki, SCENAR, Reflexology or Massage.


Please allow for additional time for the combined therapy and Wellness Programme Review.

Price: £44 for upto 1 hour remotely, in your home or workplace, or on site (plus travel at upto £10/hour return from CA22 2PJ). Additional time charged at £44/hour. If you are unable to pay this amount and require our support, please email us:

Duration: approximately 1 hours

Holistic Wellness Programme Review


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