SCENAR & cosmodic therapy offers a safe and effective route to help return function to compromised body states and tissues. Via skin contact it provides pain relief and encourages healing at DNA level. After your treatment, relax in our Russian Healing Blanket!


Price: £60/session (plus shared travel at £10/hour return from CA22 2PJ - first 1 hour travel free!)

Duration: approx 1.5 hour (including assessment and could be less but generally not more as it depends on the individual and their response - we are guided by the device!)


Thinking of booking SCENAR for your horse or pet? Why not book SCENAR for you both and save £10! Click here for more details.

SCENAR-cosmodic Therapy (People) plus Russian Healing Blanket

£60.00 Regular Price
£48.00Sale Price

    Tel: 07766772245

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