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Current Projects and Appeals

We improve well being and build resilience by working holistically with people, animals and the land!

We are a 100% NON-PROFIT organisation based in West Cumbria and provide exceptional therapeutic and health promoting services, products, events and experiences in a nature based setting. We also care for a small herd of horses who help deliver environmental aims as well as 'Healing With Horses' Equine Facilitated Learning therapeutic services.

Our activities help the community become more compassionate towards fellow mankind, animals and the environment too so everyone benefits from your support. By working together and honouring oneness we can all create a better world for now and future generations!

Please help us by donating your professional help, materials or simply provide a donation to support our aims. Below are a list of our current projects and activities which urgently require resources. We also require assistance with the running costs including training, wages, marketing and advertising.

Creating mobile fence posts May 2019_edi
manege and dry lot 1 in background.JPG

Adapt the stable yard and provide more movement and choices for the herds well-being and demonstrate the Equicentral System

* Create a non slip surface on the tarmac yard area
* Adapt some stabes into open shelters
* Re-surface the track from the stables to the loafing/EFL area

We require:

* Joinery work

* Timber

* Rubber Crumb surfacing and fitting

Or, wood chip as temporary covering

Please Contact Us or donate to help us complete this necessary project.

Create a shelter and re-surface the holding yard for the herds well-being and demonstrate the Equicentral System and to facilitate our 'Healing With Horses' EFL sessions

* Create an open shelter
* Re-surface the holding yard with wood chip
* Create post and rail fencing and a gate to the loafing/EFL area

We require:

* Joinery

* Timber and Roofing

* Fence and Gate Materials

* Wood Chip

Please Contact Us or donate to help us complete this necessary project.

Horse Care - Our horses facilitate 'Healing With Horses' EFL therapeutic sessions and help create and maintain the Equicentral System thus help deliver essential environmental and social benefits.

* provide quality hay throughout the year
* provide quality grazing/browsing
* promote biodiversity
* provide  dry/comfortable resting and loafing areas
* provide quality nutrition
* provide routine and emergency care

We require help with providing:

* Turnout Rugs (it's quite exposed on the hillside here!)

* Clean, unsprayed Hay and bucket feed/supplements

* Bedding and surfacing in work and rest areas

* Routine health care (hoof care products, vet care, dentistry and therapy as required)

* Yard equipment (e.g. Quad maintenance and implements)

* Expert horse and hoof care

Please Contact Us or donate to help us complete this necessary project.

The Herd at Holistic Reflections.jpg
Caring for horses in the snow
Track from the stables to the loafing/holding area
George on the quad
India and Beccy
Beccy and Val overseeding
Track from the loafing area/EFL to the stable yard
One of our paddocks recovering from previous overgrazing
Daffy and Beccy having a rest
Nelly and Pam during a Holistic Horse Event
Paddock renovation and maintenance in action
equiculture logo
Sun and Mark relaxing in the paddock
Beccy trimming
Hoof boots

"by supporting people and animals with kindness and compassion, we facilitate the transition to expand into a new way of being.." Beccy - CEO and founder.

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