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Silver Lining Herbs

Not sure which solution you need?

We use and trust Silver Lining Herbs and feel they represent the very best herbal products on the market today for horses and dogs. We will be updating this page soon with our own story of how they are benefitting the health of our herd and our pets too. We also take them and have all benefited from them and continue to heal as they facilitate a deep healing response.

We also feel they work very well alongside StreamZ Bioresonance Magnet Bands, SCENAR-cosmodic therapy and Mother Earth Lab health supplements also.

Herbs work in synthesis with one another to provide nutrients and phytochemicals (plant chemicals) to the animal or person they come in contact with. Herbs can be eaten, applied as a cream or poultice and even inhaled in steam or vapour.

They are considered greater than the sum of their parts when blended together and with herbal knowledge. Herbs have been used traditionally to help create balance in the system of people and animals for millenium. Indeed, modern medical and veterinary drugs are usually based on plant extracts!

Food is medicine (or poison - depending on the individual and the food!). When we eat foods which do not provide all the nutrients we need, our systems become out of balance and dis-ease can result. Domestic animals rely on us to choose their food and restricting them from foraging and feeding them a less than full diet for their individual needs creates dis-ease in them too.

The herbs are carefully chosen and blended by experts at Silver Lining Herbs. If you would like assistance, please contact us.

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