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Equiculture - the future of horse keeping!

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

For many years, we have been striving to find the key to keeping the horses out at grass whilst managing chronic health issues which manifested whilst living in an area surrounded by intensive agro-chemical. We would find conflicting evidence and ideas about how to graze horses, how to care for grass, what to feed them and even when to rug or not.

One things has always been central to our lives however and that is the horse's needs always comes first - the question is "what does he or she need to be well?"

Last year, we discovered Equiculture which is an increasingly popular movement with a considerable following both in the UK and abroad. And for good reason too. We recently attended a talk by Equicentral founders Jane and Stuart Myers. Despite all our formal qualifications and decades of experience we were dumbstruck about how simple changes can make such a huge impact on our horses welfare, how they can benefit us and the positive effects on our beloved countryside and ecosystem!

Have you ever considered the impact your horse management has on you, your horse and on the environment you share?

Equiculture - getting back to basics as a rider and carer

Equiculture answers the most basic questions - how to be a better rider and how to take better care of your horse. There is so much information available about these topics that it is essential we know what is right. Considering the horse in its natural environment is a great starting place and appreciating the nature of the horse and what they need to be well.

"Horse Ownership - Responsible, Sustainable and Ethical starts with knowledge. Being as knowledgeable as you can, means that you can be a better rider and take better care of your horse/s. This website is a learning tool for responsible horse people – people like you." - Equiculture.

But Equiculture is about so much more. By taking better care of our horses welfare and encouraging biodiversity and healthy grazing, we are also positively contributing to the environment. When we take care of nature, nature takes care of us!

Equiculture is a concept, a way of living in harmony with your horse and the land. This resonates deeply with us. There are two main "tools" offered to horse owners (and professionals). These are the Equicentral System and The Horse Riders Mechanics course.

The Equicentral System

According to Equiculture, "this system is a method of sustainable horse and land management, developed for the needs of the 21st century domesticated horse, their owner and the land on which they live. A healthy horse needs to live in a healthy, sustainable environment.

Healthy Land = Healthy Pasture = Healthy Horse = Happy Owner."

And we agree! - so we are committed to embracing the Equiculture concept at our own property at Yewcroft. We are so convinced in their theory and practices, we now encourage all horse owners and yard owners to try it out for yourself! Equicentral have a fantastic online Resource tool which enables you to understand how to achieve a better, sustainable environment for your horse. We are able to offer The Equiculture - Responsible Horse Owners Resource with 15% off by clicking here! In addition, if you email us to confirm you have purchased The Resource - we will provide a 15% discount code for our flagship equine services; Holistic Wellness Consultation and Holistic Equine Podiatry or AEP consultation! Click here for our discount page of go to

Living in harmony with nature and the horse! Not such an impossible dream afterall...

Domestic horse dilemmas and stress!

As equine professionals, therapists and wellness coaches (for horses and people) we know all to well the dilemmas of keeping a horse in confinement, whether that is a 12 foot square stable (or a "cage" as it would be described in a zoo) or a one acre paddock. Stress can quickly manifest and go unnoticed in horses and can create all manner of illness and disease. As life time horse owners and experienced yard managers we also appreciate the dilemmas we face in managing our resources of time, money and energy (both physical and emotional) in trying to do the best for the horses in our custody.

The successful adoption of Equiculture and Equicentral principles and practices can reduce stress in the land, the horse and the owner and free up valuable resources too! We genuinely believe adopting Equiculture into your daily horse practice and management can have life changing consequences and you can get back to enjoying your connection with this most magnificent of creatures.

We have a page dedicated to Equiculture where you can jump straight to the best bits (we think!) and save yourself some money too with 15% off The Resource and our flagship equine consult services!

Visit our page here: Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on! You can post a picture of your equicentral system here or connect with us on Facebook!

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Warmest well wishes,

Beccy Smith BSc(Hons) DAEP MIAEP EBW

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