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How animals are helping our well-being and evolution!

I have long been aware that I am affected by the earths resonance and have had premonitions about disasters including the terrible tsunami which occurred on Boxing day in Indonesia in 2004 where I dreamed of the event the night before it occurred. I am also aware that humans are impacted by global events and can also positively influence the resonance through intent. This is well documented by the Heart Math Institute who record the global impact of events such as the 911 disaster and also the effect of organised global meditation events on the Earths resonance.

On a more personal and local level, I am aware that animals are affected by our resonance and can become ill (or well) as a result of our whole being-ness. This is not a novel idea and is accepted by most in the healing community and is studied within the leading quantum physics scientific community scientific world, including eminent scientist Dr Todd Ovokaitys. Indeed it may soon be proven irrefutably that they play a significant role in supporting our well-being.

We have a duty of care towards the animals which live with us. They rely on us for providing the right environment for their well-being and resilience. If our health and well-being impact’s the animals we care for, does this duty of care extend to maintaining a healthy resonance, which impacts our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beingness and the delicate balance required to achieve optimum well-being and lasting resilience?

This is a question I ponder regularly. As a holistic equine podiatrist and consultant, I try to help the horses I meet to the best of my ability. I trim the horse for example and provide advice as to how to care for the horse to boost well-being and resilience. But what if the resonance of the human is also impacting the horse’s well-being? If we are to support the horse, we, as humans need to take full responsibility for our complete well-being, and this may require an open mind and novel approach beyond what is currently considered holistic hoof care!

I want to share with you a recent experience I had. I noticed a couple about 4 weeks again that my resonance was affected and I was experiencing lowered resilience and a less cheery disposition. I gave myself some time to heal but my tools weren’t really working. I also noticed my mother was low too, and a couple of weeks ago, the health of the herd shifted with one horse’s developing early signs of laminitis. I noticed there were signs of stress amongst the herd and changes in soundness, evidence of gut soreness and posture changes that all was not well systemically. I naturally examined their environment and wondered if fallen leaves were the trigger or a recently introduced herbal supplement. I consulted our vet and repeat blood tests showed the 2 horses with Equine Cushings Disease were much improved, ruling out this as the cause of laminitis. I fitted the worse affected horse with custom pads and without any other cure or medication to turn to, I consulted with Expert Bioenergy therapist and healer, George Mackenzie. George had helped us in the past, after all!

George instantly found a connection between my mother and my own resonance and two horses, which were the worst affected. George believes the healthy resonance of a human or animal should be around 8,500, however our resonance was 14,000, and the horses were 500. He dowsed remotely and helped balance our own resonance, and the horses resonance returned to normal. The Daffy actually showed no evidence of laminitis after 24 hours of consulting with George and his gait returned to normal.

In the course of the past week or so, I noted I would improve a bit then would feel a return of the symptoms. I asked George what else I could do to help myself, and he gave my mum and I a number which represented our personal cosmic number. Mine is 67. Our homework was to focus on this for a set time daily. It worked instantly! George also explained how he had realised, during his investigations into the cause of my resonance imbalance; that I was particularly affected by a fault line in the earth. These fault lines are usually the sites of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. He asked me to investigate this myself and my dowsing experience showed a positive response to a fault line running off the east coast of Australia around Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean. I consulted with George and he confirmed this was the case.

George reminded me that since we have worked together, he has been aware of a consistent imbalance in the solar plexus area of my body – I know this and have experienced a life time of digestive challenges, food intolerances and a general weakness in my entire digestive tract. George then pointed out that the Earths solar plexus is related to this fault line and is found around Uluru (Ayers Rock) in this region. He asked me to dowse daily for 13 minutes and to harmonise my solar plexus with the Earths; and to focus on the number 10606 when I did this. He also asked me to dowse to clear and release energy from the fault line and to then dowse to bring in positivity energy to help harmonise this region and help the people and wildlife who live there. This, he said; would reduce my sensitivity to this fault line and also help provide healing energy to this region for balance.

The result of doing this was both immediate and profound. I felt like a piece of me was healed. I felt whole again and balanced; in tune and more aware and present. My mum also returned to her usual self and the horses symptoms continued to resolve.

But there is more to this story… when I dowsed to recognise the fault line I was sensitive to; I used a live online map at USGS ( This shows earthquakes recorded globally live and in the previous 24 hours. When I returned to this map at a later time, after I did the first remedial dowsing George recommended; I noticed there were 3 earthquakes recorded in the region! Was I sensitive to the activity PRIOR to the seismic activity which led to the earthquake? Is this precognition? I then realised the region I am connected to vibrationally was where the 2004 tsunami disaster occurred which I dreamed about the night before it happened! Have I been ill and therefore have my herd and maybe even close family suffered because of a sensitivity I have to a region of the Earth? I believe this to be true, even if it seems hard to swallow!

I recalled that on the morning I first contacted George week before last, I pulled a card from an oracle deck I love (Wild Kuan Yin Oracle). The title of the card was “surrender sensitive sister, be moved by the moon”. It urged me not to be afraid; to embrace my sensitivities, accept them, work with them and use them for good!

I looked at the numbers George gave me… when you add them up to make a singular number, they ALL came to 4 (e.g., my cosmic number is 76. When you add to 7 you get 13. When you add 1 to 3, you get 4). I am a student of numerology and believe there is a greater meaning to numbers. Did you ever look at a clock or wake up and see the same number over and over? The number 4 appears often to me. Sometime when I glance at the clock or am drarn to a message, the time recorded often appears in double digits which add to 4. For instance, 22:44. It is, I believe; representative of the number of the energy of the Earth. It also means creation or physical manifestation – the foundation of all things! For me, I feels I am connected to earthly matters, beings, plants and the Earths resonance. I am passionate about harmony, peace, oneness, cohesion and balance between all things on the earth and beyond.

I am drawn to earth energies and 6 years ago, my family and I purchased a property with an ancient stone circle (@yewcroftstonecircle). I have deep gratitude for all the horses I meet and come to love. They drive me to be better, healthier, and give greater meaning and purpose to my life. Yet again, the herd we care for at @holisticreflectionscic have taught me how sensitive they truly are to us humans. We humans rarely truly appreciate the power we have to influence our well-being and that of others. Horses and other animals close to us, show us so much about ourselves and this is a gift to humanity and helps our evolution.

We do not exist without consequences. Our thoughts and actions and state of health impacts far more than just us. So I imagine the endless potential to do good, not only for our own well-being, but other beings, no matter how far away they seem to be.

I will continue to help heal the region where the fault line lies and I will continue to harmonise my solar plexus to beloved and sacred Uluru. And the horses in our care will continue to show us the way towards oneness, harmony and peace.

I hope I have inspired others to learn more about how they can support their health and also the health and resilience of their loved ones; 2 or 4 legged, no matter where they reside! We ALL deserve and can be healthy and happy and live in harmony. And it really does help our personal well-being to serve and help others too… This truly is the definition of compassion, I believe.

If you feel you are sensitive to things beyond normal explanation, fear it not. It is okay to know what you now, even if you cannot explain it. Others may accept what you say, or not, it really doesn’t matter. You do not have to shut yourself down to your sensitivities. What may work better for you is to be 100% open and truthful to all that you feel and resist nothing! Your sensitivity can become your greatest asset and a source of wisdom and truth, even strength!

If you are inspired to seek help for you or your horse, PM me or contact me via Facebook at @holisticreflections or @beccyatholisticequine – we are a 100% non-profit organisation promoting well-ness and boosting resilience in people and animals and helping people and animals in need. Working with the planet, for the planet.

If you would like help from George, he can be found at or @GMacbio on FB

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asif zahoor
asif zahoor
Jun 12, 2021

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