How animals are helping our well-being and evolution!

I have long been aware that I am affected by the earths resonance and have had premonitions about disasters including the terrible tsunami which occurred on Boxing day in Indonesia in 2004 where I dreamed of the event the night before it occurred. I am also aware that humans are impacted by global events and can also positively influence the resonance through intent. This is well documented by the Heart Math Institute who record the global impact of events such as the 911 disaster and also the effect of organised global meditation events on the Earths resonance.

On a more personal and local level, I am aware that animals are affected by our resonance and can become ill (or well) as a result of our whole being-ness. This is not a novel idea and is accepted by most in the healing community and is studied within the leading quantum physics scientific community scientific world, including eminent scientist Dr Todd Ovokaitys. Indeed it may soon be proven irrefutably that they play a significant role in supporting our well-being.

We have a duty of care towards the animals which live with us. They rely on us for providing the right environment for their well-being and resilience. If our health and well-being impact’s the animals we care for, does this duty of care extend to maintaining a healthy resonance, which impacts our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beingness and the delicate balance required to achieve optimum well-being and lasting resilience?

This is a question I ponder regularly. As a holistic equine podiatrist and consultant, I try to help the horses I meet to the best of my ability. I trim the horse for example and provide advice as to how to care for the horse to boost well-being and resilience. But what if the resonance of the human is also impacting the horse’s well-being? If we are to support the horse, we, as humans need to take full responsibility for our complete well-being, and this may require an open mind and novel approach beyond what is currently considered holistic hoof care!

I want to share with you a recent experience I had. I noticed a couple about 4 weeks again that my resonance was affected and I was experiencing lowered resilience and a less cheery disposition. I gave myself some time to heal but my tools weren’t really working. I also noticed my mother was low too, and