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Taking responsibility, compassionate equestrianism and don’t believe anything I tell you!

Like many other wellness professionals, I want to help you and your horse. I try to approach every situation with compassion - compassion for the horse, compassion for the people involved and even compassion for the land. Recently I have had difficulty finding compassion for vets who do not want to know what it is I do. (I think this may be described as an attitude called too smart to look by metaphysical being Kryon!). This is frustrating and I’m learning how to have more self compassion for these situations, but I also know energy is shifting, times are changing, and I know this won’t always be the way of things.

There is a growing desire for the uncovering of lies and a need for truth and integrity in all levels of society - in politics, in corporations and in the way people behave. This also requires that we start to take responsibility for our choices, words and actions. Only then can we find peace and therefore compassion for situations. With all this in mind, synchronicity led me to a compassionate and spiritual vet based in America; Tom Schell DVM, CVCH called ‘Second Vet’ and I want to share with you a particular article called “The Horse, the Horse Owner, the Veterinarian, and the Fire truck” In it Tom tells a story of responsibility which is both brutally honest and thought provoking. Here is an extract:

“Your horse, just like your body, did not come with a user’s manual. However, in today’s world of the internet, practically any piece of information you could desire is readily available at your fingertips. There is often so much information available that it can be overwhelming and creates anxiety in the horse owner. When this happens, instead of taking a step back to fully evaluate and understand the information presented, we just tend to want to rely on another to make the decisions for us and tell us what to do. Very common in both equine medicine and human medicine, not to mention other situations in our lives.
The reality is that when we rely completely on another to tell us what to do, instead of understanding what is going on, our outcome is often reduced greatly and the cycle continues one year or season after another. This reliance can be upon your veterinarian, your barn manager, your trainer, your farrier, or even a friend or group of friends on social media forums. It is in our nature to just follow what another does or tells us to do.
The reality is that I don’t want you to believe everything I tell you. Neither should you believe what your trainer tells you, your veterinarian, or a fancy bag of feed or advertisement in a magazine. As a horse owner, you should never take something as absolute truth and blindly follow those directions, especially when it comes to chronic healthcare issues.”

Tom Schell, D.V.M, CVCH, CHN

Tom’s approach is refreshing and seems very sensible to me...

I am committed to learning more and have reached out to Tom for help so I may expand my knowledge base on how to support owners and their horses and as always will use our herd of horses to test pilot his recommendations. I also won’t believe what Tom suggests and will use my intellect, my intuitive and dowsing tools to assess the validity and truth of his recommendations and as always, I will share the results of our findings!

Compassionate Equestrianism - a way of being!

The topic of Compassionate Equestrianism has been a major feature of my professional and personal life this year as I journeyed with the HERD Institute and became one of only a small group of practitioners to complete their Level 1 programme in the UK this summer. This, alongside the beginning of a new and deeper layer of my spiritual journey after meeting energy catalyst George Mackenzie; has changed how I work with people and horses. I am learning that I am helping people find their ‘growing edge’ and when evolution and self empowerment is chosen, the resulting change may sometimes create transient discomfort, but always growth! For this I make no apology as we are all responsible for attracting to us the circumstances of our lives that we find ourselves in.

"Compassion becomes the foundation for all decisions that an equestrian makes with every choice for their horse, for all people involved in the equine community, as well as the global community. Through choosing compassion as the common ground for all decisions, equestrians can become a movement for creating a kinder, happier, healthier, more compassionate world."

Don't believe a word I say, either!...

I am also hungrier to help people, animals and the land and a letting go of previous practice of providing detailed recommendations in regard to diet and practices/principles has naturally occurred. If you ask me now what to feed your horse or even what you should eat, you will certainly be given an opinion based on logic and experience, but I implore you not to believe a word I say! It’s time to take responsibility and learn to listen and be guided by you own inner truth.

If you find goose bumps on your arms as you read this - then maybe, it’s time to shine your light and take responsibility for creating your own peace and compassion and help create a brave new future for this world… One with responsibility, truth, integrity and a colourful palate of well-being and longevity for you and yours that you only imagined before!

The truth IS out there - you just have to be brave enough to truly look (or dowse) for it!

And to help you here are some useful people and links to further resources:

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Warmest well wishes,

Beccy Smith BSc(Hons) DAEP MIAEP EBW

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