2 Top techniques to help you find balance, feel connected and experience evolution!

Humanity globally is being challenged right now and we are all living in times of chaos. But, from chaos comes change – and from change comes opportunity for growth! Life will never be the same so we all cannot return to ‘normal’, so I want to help you be the best version of you while you navigate these challenging times!

Know this – whatever you’re feeling – it’s fine. It is perfectly okay to feel scared at times, but if we continue to feel fear, we are making a conscious choice to do so. Energy is everything and intention is energy, so I ask you; what are you focusing upon and putting your intention into and does this make you a part of the solution or the problem?

We all have choices about what we focus our attention upon and can choose to feel benevolent thoughts about ourselves and our world’s leaders and trust they will make sensible, heart-focused and compassionate choices, or we can wallow in the drama, share scary stories and conspiracies, suppress our immune systems and become a part of the problem! I send love to those who have passed over and to people who are concerned about themselves or their loved ones, and I personally feel I can contribute positively by staying coherent, sensible, positive and grounded.

I want to share with you 2 top techniques to help you become a part of the solution – should you choose this. If you focus your attention upon benevolent thoughts and feelings and seek solutions to help you find balance and feel connected, you will naturally raise your vibration and boost your well-being and resilience. This equates to coherence or calmness and a stronger immunity! Not only will this be of direct benefit to you, but it will help those around you too. On a global scale, this will support the whole planet!

I urge everyone to never underestimate the power of the human’s intent for compassion and benevolence and the impact this has on the Earth’s vibration and resilience of humanity to withstand and evolve as a result of global events such as these.

In the following videos I outline 2 practices or techniques which anyone can incorporate into their daily lives:

Top technique #1 - the 11:11 connection – this can be performed preferably at 11:11am or pm every day. This honours and shows gratitude for our global spiritual/philosophical leaders, our elected leaders and the people of the plant. It gives thanks to humanity for their benevolent, compassionate actions with integrity and for the highest