Lightplerkers guide to energy hangovers... yep - they are real!

Have you ever attended a spiritual development event, a meditation course or healing ceremony and experienced a period of depression, low energy or generally feeling unwell afterwards? When we have clear intent to dissolve or resolve limitations in order to expand our consciousness and raise our vibration (evolve spiritually), we may experience a temporary worsening of symptoms or feelings associated with the limitation as the limitation surfaces and disappears. This is sometimes called a spiritual or energy hangover and can be uncomfortable on a physical, mental, emotional and/or other worldly level of our being (1).

I have experienced a range of symptoms I associate with the release of my personal limitations. I have learned to recognise what it is and how to care for myself during periods of energy change and I always welcome the signs and appreciate what they represent – positive and benevolent change!

In this article, I will outline the possible cause of these hangovers, how we might experience them and what we can do to support ourselves or others to help us embody the changes in our energy systems which are always for our higher good.