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Lightplerkers guide to energy hangovers... yep - they are real!

Have you ever attended a spiritual development event, a meditation course or healing ceremony and experienced a period of depression, low energy or generally feeling unwell afterwards? When we have clear intent to dissolve or resolve limitations in order to expand our consciousness and raise our vibration (evolve spiritually), we may experience a temporary worsening of symptoms or feelings associated with the limitation as the limitation surfaces and disappears. This is sometimes called a spiritual or energy hangover and can be uncomfortable on a physical, mental, emotional and/or other worldly level of our being (1).

I have experienced a range of symptoms I associate with the release of my personal limitations. I have learned to recognise what it is and how to care for myself during periods of energy change and I always welcome the signs and appreciate what they represent – positive and benevolent change!

In this article, I will outline the possible cause of these hangovers, how we might experience them and what we can do to support ourselves or others to help us embody the changes in our energy systems which are always for our higher good.

What exactly is an energy hangover and what causes them?

It is believed to be a normal and temporary manifestation of a symptom or symptoms associated with the release of old limitations from any aspect of our being. The limitation carries its’ own unique energy vibration.

Examples include a limiting belief systems or unresolved trauma which is held in the mind and body.

Every limitation is unique as we are all unique and every energy hangover will therefore be unique! It may feel like a step backwards if you experience a lowering of your energy and re-connect with your limitations, but it is important to remember that it is temporary and represents benevolent, personal growth and that you feel and function much better afterwards!

Alkazar (1) talked about energy hangovers recently during an intensive retreat ( and said:“when you step forward - you cannot go back. The change is with you. So in these intensive experiences much is happening on many levels and you know this to a certain extent… change happens on a cellular level and when the physical body needs to change every single cell it requires energy so there is a tiredness that comes from this. But also, as you change and begin to understand a greater reality, change also happens in the brain/mind mechanism. Old programs can dissolve and new programs from this higher level of understanding are created…as you hear and align with new concepts with deeper understanding to those that you already have - changes happen within the brain/mind mechanism…

Strangely enough perhaps this can also feel tiring. Why? Because there becomes an awareness and very often it comes in your sleep state but this awareness is ‘oh I've lived like this for so long, and it has been a limitation that I have been living' - and with that understanding comes a re-connection to the exhaustion of all the years that this limitation has drained your energy.

As you continue to look at and dissolve/resolve limitations, this tiredness comes to the surface and disappears - but it is experienced as it disappears which is why so many people leave these intensives feeling a new level of aliveness"

What are the most common symptoms associated with energy hangovers?

  • Fatigue from mild to extreme

  • Vertigo or dizziness

  • Digestive complaints

  • Changes in appetite or nausea

  • Mood swings from depressed to euphoric

  • Feelings of anxiety or jumpiness

  • Flu like symptoms

  • Crying

  • Pain anywhere in the body including headaches

  • Ringing or high-pitched tones in the ear or ears

  • Fluctuations in body temperature

  • Changes in heart rate

  • Loss of or heightened intuitive senses

Change is most definitely experienced on a cellular level whether we are aware of it or not. When physical changes occur, we all need extra energy above and beyond our normal energy requirements. It is therefore not surprising that loss of energy and physical symptoms are common.

How long do energy hangovers last?

They should be temporary and may last minutes, days or longer. I experienced a particularly prolonged period following a 5 day Kryon Spirituality and Science Convergence in a particularly special energetic location in the Yucatan Jungle, Mexico. I had vertigo, headaches and mood swings for a couple of weeks afterwards! But I felt incredible during the event and in the following 5 weeks once the energy changes were integrated, I experienced an intensely creative and productive period where I re-connected with my life's path, re-branded Holistic Reflections and created a whole new website. I feel the event transformed me and opened my heart and mind to expand into a whole new way of being and from which I could imagine possibilities for personal and professional growth I hadn’t previously appreciated!

Who experiences energy hangovers?

Anyone can experience this as part of their conscious intent to release personal limitations. I have heard very enlightened people and spiritual leaders describe such energy hangovers as they continue their personal journey and grow.

How can we support ourselves or others during energy changes?

An energy hangover is simply a temporary (and sometimes uncomfortable) phenomenon which is experienced in our current times as we embrace our limitations and release them to allow for transition or evolution beyond 3D… I celebrate and honour my transitional changes and view them as healthy growing pains – every time I sense my growth, I remind myself that I am loved, well supported and was born a magnificent being, well on my way towards enlightenment!

PS - A lightplerker is a lightworker who appreciates that light + work = plerk! ;-)


(1) The information here does not replace medical advice or diagnosis and we advise you to seek medical advice from a suitably qualified person should you be concerned about your well-being.

(2) Alkazar is a group consciousness; the gathering of that which is called Universal Masters. They bring their energy together as one and speak with one voice. Renowned chaneller and founder of The Stargate; Prageet Harris, channels Alkazar to communicate the groups message to humanity. For more info see

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Until next time, stay safe, stay calm and stay connected!

Beccy Smith CEO & Founder

HeartMath Licensed Coach, Spiritual Coach & Wellness Consultant

Holistic Reflections CIC

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