Hands up - who wants to live in a compassionate world?

When we look around and see things we do not like (political systems, economic systems, social conditions, etc), often our first reaction is to criticise, judge and talk about how bad it is to anyone who will listen. If you tune into your own feelings at those times, how do you feel? Do you feel loving, at peace, in harmony? It is likely to be no…

When we experience these less than loving feelings, often we are re-confirming our beliefs and programmes which are often adopted at an early age from our family, friends and teachers. Are our beliefs really our own? Emotions created by thoughts and feelings such as judgement, contempt, dislike, fear and even hate create bio-chemical signals in our body which are harmful. These chemical messages and thought patterns which are triggered by our environment (but not necessarily caused by it), are limiting our capacity to be as well as we could be, to love ourselves and to love others. It limits our ability to be compassionate and demonstrate compassionate action.

How can we be of help when we see aspects of our world we do not like?

This may seem simple, but it begins with loving self. From this vantage, and with positive intention; we can begin to be increasingly aware of personal triggers which limit us, and we can begin to gently release these limiting thought patterns