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Boost well-being and resilience by earthing (grounding)!

Never before has there been a need for practical, efficacious solutions to help everyone become more resilient, coherent and responsible for their own health! The act of consciously earthing or grounding (they mean the same thing) and accessing the healing qualities of the Earth is not a new concept, however the simplicity of it means it is often overlooked by medical leaders.

This video introduces the concept of earthing and demonstrates the use of a couple of devices and grounding products which anyone can use in their home or garden. You don't even need an electricity supply to earth and you can do it for free just by touching earth with your bare skin....

We are designed to be physically connected to the Earth and have evolved to do so - it is believed this connection facilitates the uptake of negative ions from the Earths surface and this promotes homeostasis or balance in our systems. Our natural bodily rhythms are designed to be in synchronicity with the Earths resonance. If we are insulated from this, we do not receive this natural healing phenomenon and it is theorised that inflammation can build in our bodies and cause disease which can shorten our life or reduce the quality of our life.

The invention of synthetic and rubber footwear and changes in our physical world, habits and spiritual practices have literally disconnected us from the earth. We are insulated much of the time, unless we go outside barefoot or swim in mineral rich waters or the sea. For some this isn't practical or achievable, and for many people; earthing (grounding) products have allowed them to re-connect with the ions of the Earth.

There are scientific studies and published reports which tell of incredible biochemical changes to the body of humans and animals as a result of earthing. These include positive metabolic changes, improved athletic ability, lowered pain, increased mobility and less inflammation. Pets benefit too and our dogs and cats seek out our earthing blankets and pads whenever they can!

I urge everyone to experience the effects of earthing for themselves. If you can; go outside and stand barefoot on turf, earth or other conductive surfaces (wood and asphalt are not conductive). For some people, they experience positive effects within minutes and for others it seems, more time is required to feel a real difference. Consider this - if it took you 20 years to develop a recognisable and noticeable inflammatory disease, I might talk more than 20 minutes a day earthing to undo years of being un-earthed. For every hour spend earthed, you are disconnected the other 23 hours and we are designed by nature to spend almost all our time earthed, every day, every month for every year!

I love to travel to warm climates and walk barefoot and swim in the ocean - I simply don't like having cold feet however so I rely on earthing products to keep me grounded as much as I can. I use an earthing heel strap on my work boots, I sleep on an earthing mat and chill in an earthing blanket. I have my feet (in earthing socks or barefoot) on my earthing pad under my desk, and I use an earthing pillow case - like these:

When I first started using earthing/grounding products I underestimated the powerful effect they would have! I felt more alive, more connected (metaphorically and spiritually!), had less pain (I have some chronic inflammatory issues - I trim horses hooves!), and boy did I have more energy. I used to run, many years ago. After only a few days, I found myself running in the forest where I live - only a few hundred metres or so - but I didn't hurt and I had no after pain! I have since learned that the medical experts who recommend earthing caution against earthing without consulting your medical professional first - if you have an existing health problem - especially if you take medication. Earthing can actually interfere with and exacerbate the effects of medications - it's that powerful!

I wholeheartedly recommend earthing (grounding) to anyone seeking to boost their well-being and resilience or even searching for a deeper connection to the earth and universe. Please apply common sense and seek medical advise if you are concerned about the effects of earthing. Check out our page all about earthing/grounding - it has loads of superb videos including 2 full length documentaries. There is also loads of published scientific reports about the effects of earthing:

We have for sale a huge range of earthing products including testing equipment and earthing rods and other accessories which are found here:

If you do try earthing either by standing on the earth or using earthing or grounding products, please do tells us how you get on and what impact it has on the quality of your life

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Until next time, stay safe, stay calm and stay connected!

Beccy Smith CEO & Founder

HeartMath Licensed Coach & Wellness Consultant

Holistic Reflections CIC

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