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Creating ONENESS for abundance in your life

Our actions, thoughts and words dictate whether we are moving towards health, happiness and prosperity or away from it. Our choices can be motivated by fear or love and these will dictate whether this creates resistance or flow in our body and life in general. Our chronic habits of thought attract similar manifestations in our lives - in other words; like attracts like.

Our thoughts matter

Everything IS energy. It cannot be destroyed. Thoughts are energy and are powerful in creating circumstances which we commonly call chance or coincidence. What if we were responsible for the things that happen in our life? Think how our future might look! What if we could heal ourselves, or get the job we always wanted? What about the perfect partner or pet? With the advancement of quantum physics, we are starting to understand how this really is a reality of our existence. For others, proof is not needed. They have faith in the incredible system we are a part of.

Thoughts have energy and cannot be destroyed!

Gaining 'control' of your life

If we accept that we can manifest what we want, then how does that work in our favour? Well, that's a pretty big question to answer! I have been inspired by many 'people' over the years. I say 'people' but really I have been inspired by the words of spiritual beings who are channelled by people. The 2 most influential and popular positive message bringers are Abraham (called 'Abraham-Hicks' and channeled by Esther Hicks) and Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll). I have had the pleasure to hear them in person in London and Edinburgh. Both messages are brought with love and compassion for humankind and exist to inspire the evolution of mankind. Kryon in particular resonates with people who are or are beginning to become 'awakened' and are interested in living a more harmonious and healthy lifestyle and with greater 'purpose'.

For me, gaining control of my life meant understanding who I was. I mean who I really was - am I human - where do we come from - is there an afterlife - is there more to all this than living and dying?.....

Who are WE?

Every civilisation and individual has asked this question at some part of their life. Every human will give you a different answer - and they would all be right! We all have different interpretations and there is no wrong or right answer, there only is what is! I will share with you what my beliefs are and it is my hope this inspires you to to search for your own answers.

I believe I am a wonderful physical human being with DNA which is unique to all other animals on the planet. This does not make me superior. I am comprised also of a soul and through by 'innate' body' I am able to communicate and receive information from my higher self. My soul is not really 'my' soul for it exists in other beings and in spirit at the same time. My unique DNA and presence of a soul allow for a special level of conscientiousness which allows for our learning cycle of discovery of who we are and facilitates our ability to actively seek our evolution, led from love and compassion for universal life force and onceness for all who exist within it.

I believe we are a blend of body, mind and soul and all three elements require balance for homeostasis and optimum health to occur. In addition, I believe we have the ability to change our DNA and therefore all aspects of our life; bringing greater awareness of universal life force, improving our health status and longevity and even our finances and jobs!

The ONENESS of the community of life

We cannot however exist alone. Our existence absolutely depends on a harmonious relationship with Gaia or the Earth which nourishes and provides for us. The animals, the plants, water and air were created for us and each element has a purpose. It is no accident that plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide - the opposite of our respiration exchange!

This concept of oneness brings about the idea of harmony, community and the end of separatism. It exist currently in every level of our society, locally. nationally and globally. Separatism brings about tension, hate, fear, and even war. There are and always will be enough resources to supply everybody's needs and if Oneness were embraced within our culture, the reduction in stress alone would improve the quality of lives and we would live in greater harmony with each other and the environment we depend on.

On a personal level, I seek Oneness in how I live my life, everyday. This transcends into my business values and relationship to my family and friends, to the animals I meet, my clients and to how I treat my body. I care for the land and the environment and seek balance and harmony within my mind and soul. I seek a connection with my higher self and find synchronicity (which some would call happy coincidences!) occurs daily and I find I attract more and one harmony and examples of Oneness every day.

Oneness represents the end of competitive war and separatism.

This is how I attract things which make me happy and I feel blessed to be alive right now with so much positivity around us and synchronicities to be grateful for.

If you are feeling curious or inspired and are looking for more information on how you may find your own bliss and Oneness with yourself, the people in your life, animals and the Earth; here are some resources for you to start you off. Have fun and remember to have faith and 'follow the breadcrumbs' to find the path to discover your abundance of happiness, health and all you dreamed of!

Kryon on "Oneness and the End of Separation":

Kryon website:

Kryon on "who are you?":

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Warmest well wishes,

Beccy Smith BSc(Hons) DAEP MIAEP EBW

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