Science meets spirituality - talking to your cells for a healthy immune system!

Did you know your cells are listening? If we accept and embody this as fact, then we can give our cells (us) directions or instructions which aid our vitality and longevity and boost our wellness and resilience! If there was ever a time to learn this incredible tool, it is now!

I was reminded today about the words of magnetic angel Kryon who provides advice to humanity to assist with the challenges of out times and to help in our evolution. Kryon is channelled by Lee Carroll and he has has been honoured over the years by seven United Nations invitations to channel Kryon at the UN building in New York city. Lee/Kryon is respected by imminent scientists Gregg Braden and Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD. Both experts in their fields acknowledge that we can alter our physical body by conscious thought.

Kyron’s advice for these times of the corona virus and COVID-19 include talking to your cells using the words below. I suggest printing them out and taping them next to a mirror and then look into your eyes with love and positive intention and belief that is true and already manifest and say OUT LOUD:

"My immune system is stronger than it ever had been in my life.
My immune system was designed for this moment.
Innate, cooperate with this and be strong.
Innate, take that which is the anxiety of chemistry from my body.
Innate, you know things that I don’t.
Innate, you are me.
Innate, I am the boss of you."

When you do so, it is important to imagine and evoke genuine feelings of love, health, vitality and resilience about yourself (all of you – not just the parts of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body you like most). This way the words have meaning which is what creates the almost magical manifestation of creation! We are literally designed to give instructions and work with our innate and live far longer and far healthier than current trends.

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Until next time, stay safe, stay calm and stay connected!

Beccy Smith CEO & Founder

HeartMath Licensed Coach, Spiritual Coach & Wellness Consultant

Holistic Reflections CIC

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