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Why the World needs YOU and HeartMath more than ever!

Almost every human being is personally experiencing the effects of change (whether we welcome it or not) as a result of the corona virus occurring worldwide. We live in a reflective reality and in order to evolve and become more compassionate and peaceful beings, things happen both 'to us' and 'for us'. Crisis such as this; on a global level, is the ultimate force for change and we all have a choice whether to become part of the problem or part of the solution. In order to evolve humanity and foster compassionate action; we must choose to become part of the solution.

Being solution oriented means many things but from our perspective; it means focusing conscious intent towards seeing benevolence at all levels of societal systems, including financial and political systems. The law of attraction states that what we manifest that which we focus our intention upon - THIS HAPPENS WHETHER WE ARE AWARE OF IT OR NOT! As far as I am aware; there are no exceptions to this rule - it is thought to be the most fundamental rule of the universe we reside in.

What are you contributing to the collective "energy field"?

Energy is everything and vibration is energy, as is our consciousness. If we focus upon fearful things and complain about the virus, political systems or anything else - we are actually lowering our vibration. This is thought to have a direct impact on our biochemistry and immune function. If we instead focus on benevolent outcomes, not only will we feel good, we will be manifesting better outcomes for everyone!

We are being tested during these times as (lets be brutally honest) there's a lot to be fearful or fed up about. But if we continue to focus on the things which make us feel bad - we're making a conscious choice to do so - AND we will manifest more circumstances which make us feel bad. But this also means we have the ability to also make a conscious choice to do something else - which is where HeartMath comes in! Check out this short video which provides an introduction to this topic...

We exist to naturally promote well-being and boost resilience

and we are passionate about sharing scientifically proven technologies and methods which support our aims. We therefore strongly align with The HeartMath Institute. As a HeartMath Certified Coach, I use my knowledge and experience of HeartMath in our holistically focused Wellness and Resilience Coaching solutions for you, your colleagues and members of your community.

In a nutshell, our coaching solutions can help you:

* Overcome exhaustion and avoid fatigue - in the home, workplace or community

* Improve your relationships - personally and professionally

* Improve your communication skills

* Reduce stress and overload

* Manage and reduce your anxiety, frustration or anger

* Improve your well-being and resilience

* Manage and adjust your feelings to increase your performance when you need it

* Shift your mood in the moment

* Develop and sustain new, health and performance boosting habits

* Enhance your spiritual/religious connection

* Find and maintain work/life balance

HeartMath works!

Clinical Evidence of the benefits of HeartMath - Studies conducted with over 11.500* people have shown improvements in mental and emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology:

· 24% improvement in the ability to focus

· 30% improvement in sleep

· 38% improvement in calmness

· 46% drop in anxiety

· 48% drop in fatigue

· 56% drop in depression

*N= 11,903 Percent of individuals responding often to always on normed and validated pre and post Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA-R)

So, if we are taking care of ourselves, this positively impacts the people and communities we live in - this directly impacts the global energy field which is believed to respond to human consciousness. From a altruistic perspective, taking care of you means taking care of the whole of humanity - making you part of the solution!

Here is a video by HeartMath UK which demonstrates simple HeartMath techniques which anyone can learn and start using today to positively impact well-being and resilience...

To learn more about HeartMath and Resilience Coaching, visit our page here or go to

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I am personally extremely grateful for HeartMath and the work they do. I have been able to positively boost my own well-being and resilience and that of my friends and family during these times. Gratitude is the abracadabra of the universe and also helps boost our vibration and resilience!

Have a go at the techniques in the video and browse the information on our site - let us know how you get on! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free 30 minute consult - please contact us online here or by phone: 07766 772245, or by email:

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Please share our posts and articles – we are a 100% non-profit organisation with environmental and social aims and without you we wouldn't exist!

Until next time, stay safe, stay calm and stay connected!

Beccy Smith CEO & Founder

HeartMath Licensed Coach & Wellness Consultant

Holistic Reflections CIC

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